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DevOps Technical Support
Phone Hourly basis INR 2000/- | 50% Off | INR 1000/-
Email & Forum Lifetime INR 14999/- | 75% Off | INR 4999/-
Online: Live & Interactive MIN 10 Hrs. INR 30000/- | 30% Off | INR 20000/-

Amongst so many services our Support Service is in-demand in this industry.

It’s time to embrace DevOpsSchool’s DevOps Support Service. As, DevOps is getting space in industry, DevOps professionals are make their existence in the process of software delivery. DevOps dramatically improves software development process, helps team who works on them and increase productivity. We also give support services for various other IT technologies in India and Abroad.

Every other industry use different environments to work on according to latest updates and wants their employees to catch up with the environment. Most of the professionals in industry are highly professional and experienced but industry and DevOps getting new updates in itself every now and then. I agree, few of them updates them instantly but most of them not able to update themselves. Our Support Service comes is picture now for help. Our DevOps Expert Team will not only support you but also will help you to get the complete knowledge of your issues & resolve track. It’s means you will be Learning while get support.

Our Support team takes the challenge to resolve various DevOps related issues of our clients. Everyone in our support team are experienced and qualified to interact with you and deals your work related issues. No matter what are you up to – either not able to work with new tools & technology implemented at your work place or any issues in software development process (On-Job Support). Teams take advantages of their experience in Open Source Technologies and software delivery to help you to work with your environment.

DevOpsSchool offers its DevOps Support Service via Phone, Email & Live.

Support Mode - Phone

Charges - INR 1000/- per hour only - This support will be provided by phone calls only –


Our great support system can be used using MAIL. Mail us on our email address with detail of the issues you are facing which will then forwarded to our Expert Support Team and you will get reply on that.

If you think you can support industry professionals, Join Our Forum. You can be a member of our DevOpsSchool DevOps support group/forum and post your queries to our Group/Forum where you will get guaranteed support for the issues. This module is one of the great way to get Support or Job Support from our team of expert DevOps mentors, coaches & instructors. But for that you need to pay a minimum fee or I will say an investment you can make with a guaranteed return with lifetime membership

Group/Forum Charges - INR 5000/- Get Membership Now
Support Mode - Live & Interactive (On-Job Support)

Highly lookout feature in support service is Live-Support in this industry. Once our team understands the details of your issue or problem you are facing at your work place, we will assign you a DevOps Expert to support & help you live. We will ensure that our expert stay connected until your issue or problem gets resolved. No matter in which country you live or work becuase this support will be live and interactive by using GotoMeeting or Webex.

We follow very simple process for DevOps Technical support

  • Call/Email us (+91 700 483 5930 | +91 700 483 5706 | for the Job support query
  • We will receive your enquiry and will forward to our experts.
  • After that our experts will look on your requirements, if they need further details they will ask you for or they will call you to understand your complete requirement and the tools you are using.
  • If our experts is 100% confident and available in taking up your requirement, then only we will agree to provide service and you have to make the payment to get the service from us.
  • We will fix the timing for the Online Job Support as mutually agreed by you and our experts.
  • Note:- In this mode atleast 10 hrs of support work should be there
DevOps Support
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Find our Technical Support Charges Below:

Build Management Tools

Package & Repository Management Tools
Configuration Management Tools
Virtualization and Container Based Tools
Issues and Bug Tracking Tools
DevOps Monitoring Tools
Some other tools
Some other tools
Some other tools
Some other tools

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