Splunk Trainers in Pune

Splunk Trainers in Pune
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Features of DevOpsSchool
  Known, Qualified and Experienced Splunk Trainer.

 Assignments with personal assistance

  Real time scenario based projects with standard evaluation

  Hands on Approach - We emphasize on learning by doing.

  80% of the class is consist of Lab by doing.

  Life time access to all learning materials & Lifetime technical support
2 Days
10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Classroom (Public Batch)
INR 14,999/- Candidate

About Trainers

Splunk is a platform to monitor, search and visualize real time machine data which is meant to IT infrastructure and business. Splunk used to make real time machine data accessible across any organization by searching process. It’s security and compliance is one of the most desired functionality by various organizations.

Splunk is a platform to monitor, search and visualize real time machine data which is meant to IT infrastructure and business. Splunk used to make real time machine data accessible across any organization by searching process. It’s security and compliance is one of the most desired functionality by various organizations.

DevOpsSchool provides you the skilled Splunk trainer,mentors in Pune. Our Trainers and Mentors have experienced more than 15 years in software industry. Splunk course content designed by the well experienced trainer which will help to learn individual or corporates. DevOpsSchool also provides videos, Tutorials and practical knowledge about splunk. They can also visit our social group on various platform like facebook, LinkedIn and twitter, where participants can discuss his problems on splunk.

Qualities Splunk trainers should have


  • A good trainer knows the material, lives it, breathes it, and can infuse their own experience into it.
  • A good trainer makes delivering a class look easy and seamless.
  • A great trainer is attuned to his or her own energy level and that of the class
  • Because trainers are role MODEls, they should be mature, confident and enthusiastic.
  • Readiness to allow and encourage participants to learn from themselves and the class in order to create as many organic learning moments as possible

Profiles - Splunk Trainers In Pune

Krishnendu Barui
Krishnendu Barui

Pavan Kumar
Pavan Kumar

Manuel Morejon
Manuel Morejón

Amber Gupta
Amber Gupta

Sandeep Majesty
Sandeep Majesty

Nanjesh S

Bhoopendra Singh
Bhoopendra Singh

Splunk Course content designed by our Splunk Trainers

What Is Splunk?
  • What Is Splunk?
  • Overview
  • Machine Data
  • Splunk Architecture
  • Careers in Splunk
  • Summary
Setting up the Splunk Environment
  • Overview
  • Splunk Licensing
  • Getting Splunk
  • Installing Splunk
  • Adding Data to Splunk
  • Summary
Basic Searching Techniques
  • Overview
  • Demo: Adding More Data
  • Search in Splunk
  • Demo: Splunk Search
  • Splunk Search Commands
  • Demo: Splunk Processing Langauge
  • Read More
Enterprise Splunk Architecture
  • Overview
  • Forwarders
  • Enterprise Splunk Architecture
  • Installing Forwarders
  • Demo: Installing Forwarders
  • Demo: Troubleshooting Forwarder Installation
  • Summary
Advanced Splunk Concepts
  • Deployment Servers and Forwarder Management
  • Users, Roles, and Authentication
  • Configuration Files
  • Knowledge Objects
  • Lookups
Visualizing Your Data
  • Data Models
  • Using Pivot to Build Basic Visualizations
  • The Chart and Timechart Commands
  • Reporting and Alerting
Getting data In using Forwarders
  • Getting Data In
  • Universal Forwarders
  • Heavy Forwarders
  • Install forwarders
Application Development in Splunkbase
  • Overview
  • What Is Splunkbase?
  • Navigating the Splunkbase
  • Creating Apps for Splunk
  • Benefits of Building in Splunkbase
  • Summary
Get Data In using other Sources
  • Get Data from Files & Directories
  • Get Data From Network Sources
  • Get Windows Data
  • Get Other Kinds of Data In
  • How to send syslog data to Indexer
  • How to use Heavy Forwarder to index and forward the data to Indexer
Splunk Intermediate - Agenda (Splunk Administrator Course)
Setting up a Splunk Enterprise Environment
  • Splunk Introduction
  • Splunk installation in Windows
  • Splunk Installation in Linux
  • Read More
Building a Basic Production Environment
  • Building a Basic Production Environment
  • What is Distributed Management Console (DMC) ?
  • Distributed Management Console (DMC) configuration and dashboards
Troubleshooting Splunk Enterprise
  • Troubleshooting Splunk Enterprise
  • Splunk Forwarder Troubleshoot
  • Troubleshooting Issues in Queues
  • How to troubleshoot password issue
More Admin Topics
  • Secure and Harden Splunk Enterprise
  • System Settings
Optimize Splunk for peak performance
  • Designate one or more machines solely for Splunk operations.
  • Dedicate fast disks for your Splunk indexes.
  • Don't allow anti-virus programs to scan disks used for Splunk operations
  • Use multiple indexes, where possible
  • Don't store your indexes on the same physical disk or partition as the operating system.
  • Don't store the hot and warm database buckets of your Splunk indexes on network volumes
  • Maintain disk availability, bandwidth and space on your Splunk indexers
Splunk Advance - Agenda (Splunk Security Monitoring & DevOps)
Splunking for DevOps and Security
  • Overview
  • Splunk in DevOps
  • DevOps Demo
  • Splunk in Security
  • Enterprise Use Cases
  • Summary
Security Monitoring using Splunk
  • Login Failure
  • Brute force attack
  • Thret Intel
  • Top 10 Attacks
  • Correlations
Advance Search Query Scenario for Security
  • Number of logon failures by failure reason, status, sub-status
  • Number of logon failures over-time by failure reason, status, sub-status
  • Number of logon failures by logon account name and domain
  • Number of logon failures by logon type
  • Number of logon failures by network workstation name and source address
  • Trend of account lockouts - User-wise
  • Read More
Advance Security and Fraud Use Cases
  • Detect and Investigate Malware
  • Detect and Stop Data Exfiltration
  • Privileged User Monitoring
  • Using DNS Data to Identify Patient Zero Malware
  • Detect Zero-Day Attacks
  • Fraud: Detect Account Takeovers
  • Compliance: Detect When a Critical System Stops Sending Logs to Splunk


Can I attend a Demo Session?

To maintain the quality of our live sessions, we allow limited number of participants. Therefore, unfortunately live session demo cannot be possible without enrollment confirmation. But if you want to get familiar with our training methodology and process or trainer's teaching style, you can request a pre recorded Training videos before attending a live class.

Will I get any project?

We do not have any demo class of concept. In case if you want to get familiar with our training methodology and process, you can request a pre recorded sessions videos before attending a live class?

Who are the training Instructors?

All our instructors are working professionals from the Industry and have at least 10-12 yrs of relevant experience in various domains. They are subject matter experts and are trained for providing online training so that participants get a great learning experience.

Do you provide placement assistance?

No, But we help you to get prepared for the interview. Since there is a big demand for this skill, we help our students for resumes preparations, work on real life projects and provide assistance for interview preparation.

What are the system requirements for this course?

The system requirements include Windows / Mac / Linux PC, Minimum 2GB RAM and 20 GB HDD Storage with Windows/CentOS/Redhat/Ubuntu/Fedora.

How will I execute the Practicals?

In Cloud, We can help you setup the instance in cloud (AWS, Cloudshare & Azure), the same VMs can be used in this training.
Also, We will provide you with step-wise installation guide to set up the Virtual Box Cent OS environment on your system which will be used for doing the hands-on exercises, assignments, etc.

What are the payment options?

You can pay using NetBanking from all the leading banks. For USD payment, you can pay by Paypal or Wired.

What if I have more queries?

Please email to contact@DevopsSchool.com

What if I miss any class?

You will never lose any lecture at DevOpsSchool. There are two options available:

You can view the class presentation, notes and class recordings that are available for online viewing 24x7 through our site Learning management system (LMS).

You can attend the missed session, in any other live batch or in the next batch within 3 months. Please note that, access to the learning materials (including class recordings, presentations, notes, step-bystep-guide etc.)will be available to our participants for lifetime.

Do we have classroom training?

We can provide class room training only if number of participants are more than 6 in that specific city.

What is the location of the training?

Its virtual led training so the training can be attended using Webex | GoToMeeting

How is the virtual led online training place?

What is difference between DevOps and Build/Release courses?

Do you provide any certificates of the training?

DevOpsSchool provides Course completion certification which is industry recognized and does holds value. This certification will be available on the basis of projects and assignments which particiapnt will get within the training duration.

What if you do not like to continue the class due to personal reason?

You can attend the missed session, in any other live batch free of cost. Please note, access to the course material will be available for lifetime once you have enrolled into the course. If we provide only one time enrollment and you can attend our training any number of times of that specific course free of cost in future

Do we have any discount in the fees?

Our fees are very competitive. Having said that if we get courses enrollment in groups, we do provide following discount
One Students – 5% Flat discount
Two to Three students – 10% Flat discount
Four to Six Student – 15% Flat discount
Seven & More – 25% Flat Discount

Refund Policy

If you are reaching to us that means you have a genuine need of this training, but if you feel that the training does not fit to your expectation level, You may share your feedback with trainer and try to resolve the concern. We have no refund policy once the training is confirmed.

Why we should trust DevOpsSchool for online training

You can know more about us on Web, Twitter, Facebook and linkedin and take your own decision. Also, you can email us to know more about us. We will call you back and help you more about the trusting DevOpsSchool for your online training.

How to get fees receipt?

You can avail the online training reciept if you pay us via Paypal or Elance. You can also ask for send you the scan of the fees receipt.


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