AWS Excercise

Exercise 1 (Create a simple Web Server)

Implement a highly available web server with the Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Start an server instance with the Linux operating system in EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud). Install in the instance a web server software like Apache [1] or nginx [2]. The web server should be accessible from the internet and show a web page. The site content does not matter.

Exercise 2 (Persistent Storage)

Valuable data should be stored in a persistent storage. In order to satisfy this condition, create an elastic block store volume with the le system ext3 and attach the volume to your server instance. Move the web page(s) of your web server on the volume, adjust your web server conguration le and restart the web server software.

Exercise 3 (Realize a High Throughput Cluster)
Start a second server instance in EC2, which contains the Linux operating system, the web server software and has a persistent storage volume attached. Try to simplify the start of the second instance by using an image and snapshots.
Create an elastic load balancer which distributes incoming requests to the web server
instances. Test if your virtual web server infrastructure works. If you request the load balancer multiple times, both web server instances should be addressed.