Create a Content Delivery Network (CDN) Distribution using Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront is a content delivery network (CDN) service. You can speed up the delivery of static files using the HTTP or the HTTPS protocols. You can stream audio or video contents in real time using the RTMP protocol. Each CloudFront distribution has a unique domain name that can be used to reference objects through the global network of edge locations.

AWS CloudFront uses a global network of edge locations for content delivery. There are 20 locations in USA, 16 locations in Europe, 13 in Asia, 2 in Australia and 2 in South America. You can also monitor and receive notifications on the operational performance of CloudFront distributions using CloudWatch, and track trends in data transfer and requests checking the usage charts.

CloudFront is a powerful service and, during this lab, you will learn to create a fully functional CloudFront distribution using an S3 bucket as origin.


Note: Cloudfront may take up to 25 minutes to deploy your distribution. You will need to wait until it is deployed to complete the laboratory.

Follow these steps to learn by building helpful cloud resources

Log In to the Amazon Web Service Console

Your first step to start the laboratory experience

Create an S3 bucket

Create a new S3 bucket

Create a CloudFront Distribution

Start distributing your files using the Cloudfront CDN

Upload a demo image gallery to the S3 Bucket

Upload a directory with several files to a S3 bucket.

Make S3 files accessible to everyone

How to make public S3 objects

Test the CloudFront distribution

Check the benefits of CloudFront by browsing the demo gallery.

Disable a CloudFront distribution

How to put offline a CloudFront distribution.

Delete a CloudFront distribution

How to destroy a CloudFront distribution

Destroy an S3 bucket

Delete an S3 bucket along with the content in it